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Welcome in Klamm.de !

200.000 of people had already earned with this program - you can be one of them.
Don't wait - JOIN NOW!
Why is Klamm worth of your sign-up ?

KLamm.de is a great German site, paying for reloading (refreshing) their home page.
They pay as much as 0,003 euro every 19-20 minutes.
Additionally, you can earn with so called PowerLinks (0,01 - 0,005 euro for each one).
This program is very popular in Germany, Europe and Poland, it has a lot of members signed-up.
But its great popularity and rank in get-paid world is not only an effect of reliability and great
opinion, but also innovative and splendid ideas.
Here are some evidences of payments made:


[1] 4,72

[2] 30,05

[3] 9,70

 [4] 20,00

[5] 13,00

[6] 25,00

Klamm pays via Moneybookers and PayPal.
Minimum payout is only 5 euro ($6.5).
Of course you can get a few referrals - that way you'll earn even more.
Klamm has 5 referral levels: 10% - 5% - 3% - 2% - 1%.
If your referral reach 3 euro ($3.9) you will get 0.77 euro BONUS!!

If you spend a lot of time on the web, and you want to know more about that way of earning money or you want to become one of the earners - sign-up to KLAMM.DE.

After you click it you will be loged in your account at Klamm.


Click to sign up Anmelden

Fill signup form as an example. After filled form you must check this option: Sonderwerbeformen sind OK
and: Ich akzeptiere die AGB (here you accepting terms).
If you want to recive news at Klamm, check: klamm.de Newsletter, Geldverdienen Newsletter (optional).

On end click button Account erstellen
After signup form is filled and accepted they will send you e-mail with activation url (you must click it)

There will you find this text:

Bitte klicken Sie auf untenstehenden Link, um& fortzufahren, und Ihre Eingaben zu bestätigen


Sobald die Bestätigungsseite komplett geladen ist, ist Ihr klamm-Account einsatzbereit.

After you click it you will be loged in your account at Klamm.

Click to sign up Login

In login options the best choice is to check

4 Wochen (autologin for 4 weeks)

Remember, that it's not Pay To Read site, so don't wait for paidmails. Simply, refresh Klamm's site every 20 minutes, and your account will be credited. A few notes how to start our "fun" with Klamm. After signing-up you will receive two or three email messages.

One of the messages should look like this:

it's startpager url (you need to replace "your_id" with Id that you did get at e-mail)

it's referral url (you need to replace "your_id" with Id that you did get at e-mail)

After you click it you will be loged in your account at Klamm.

You'll have to click the link and you will be redirected to the Klamm's homepage. Take a look arround.

In the top right corner you can find user's window.

Look at the orange caption: Anmelden - (Sign-up).

Also, look at the blue letters - this is your login-nick

Red colour - Mein Konto - this is Klamm-news.

All those words are clickable and they redirect you to specific sections.

In the top window (navy-blue background) you will see the timer - it will count down.

Look at it and read beyond.

Refreshing the page

- you must be logged in - you must turn off pop-ups blockade

- in user's window you can find timer counting down

- when it will reach zero, green caption GO will appear

GO caption is active, you must click it

- then new window with keypad and digits combination will be opened

- you must type those digits into window near 'nochmal' caption and submit it by clicking 'gutshrift' button

- there are two buttons: 'nochmal' to clear the form and 'gutshrift' for submiting
- only if you type good digits combination, refreshing will be credited
- wait a moment, window will close itself - you can refresh it once again after approximately
20 minutes, when timer's digits will turn into GO caption again
- you can check how much have you earned
- in user's window, near 'Guthaben', for example 0,03
- your earnings are updated after each two refreshes


- scroll down to the bottom of the screen
- on your right side you can find PowerLink's window

after making refresh, one or a few green links appear in there text
- if you see green caption, for example "Jetzt abstauben!", "Aktien und Börse", click it when pressing shift button
- advertising and timer will open in new window
- you can close the window with advertising when timer will be closed
- you can earn even 0,5 eurocent for PowerLink's, but you can click it only once per one page reload
- sometimes instead of usual PowerLink you'll get something like this:

This is a link, where you have to answer a question to get credit, usually there are three answers to choose.
You can find the answer on the advertising page, but if you cannot answer it - you don't have to.

PowerLinks aren't available all the time, sometimes you can see only this:

No PowerLinks ? Don't worry, maybe next time...

Sign Up for Klamm today and start your Klamm adventure!!

Payout - step by step: CLICK !!!

Mein Konto
Auszahlung (SSL)
MoneyBookers - choose
password Klamm
Betrag Auszahlen



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